Thursday, July 11, 2013

Share your story about Your Grandmother

Sharing is fun. This blog is about what your grandmother gave to you as a child, teenager, and as an adult. Lasting memories of your grandmother; that you would share with your friends, family and children.

 I will start with my memories of my grandmother. My grandmother Ozelia Parker. Also known as Aunt Zee.Grandma was dignified and very beautiful. She loved to read. She believed in education. Grandma would read the Sun newspaper faithfully everyday and on Sundays; she read the Sunday Sun  She loved everyone. There was nothing that she would not do to encourage you to live your dreams. She was firm about going to church. She always prayed about everything. She would say" God will make a way some how." And he always did. My grandmother loved me unconditionally. No matter what I wanted to do; she was always there to encourage, support, and give me a great big hug. I remembered when my heart was broken; how my grandmother sat and listen attentively without judging and crying with me. She did this until; I could stand to take some constructive criticism; then we laughed and moved on to the next thing. We enjoyed sharing quality time together by going to church, shopping, having lunch and dinner together. Her favorite place to eat was Cactus Willie in Baltimore. The rolls were to die for. Every Wednesday, we would eat there. Sometimes, we just sat and drank homemade tea or lemonade on my front porch. Gee! I miss her.I think about my grandmother often. I reflect on the times when just she were together and I smile; and say " grandma I miss you and love you. Now that I am grandmother; I hope that I leave a remarkable impression on my granddaughters.
Share your story about your grandma here. Leave a comment. Thanks!

Vanzide Darden